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Marriage certificate, Mordvinic-Moksha language

Marriage certificate, Mordvinic-Moksha language  Marriage certificate, Mordvinic-Moksha language 
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Form of the Marriage certificate, type 1949-1970, type 1959:

In form of dark blue color book on thick paper. The size of certificate is ≈ 9 cm x 13,3 cm, with the watermark in form of CCCP (USSR) inscription. On the front page is the Coat of arms of the RSFSR (Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic), all inscriptions are made in Russian and Mordvinic-Moksha languages. The certificate contains information about newlyweds, including names before and after marriage, birthplaces, the date of the marriage and the location of the marriage registration. All inscriptions on the certificate form are made in Russian and Mordvinic-Moksha languages. On the back side are specified: National language, Goznak (State Insignia) and the year of issue.

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