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USSR documents | Birth certificate | Form 1995-1998

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Birth certificate, Udmurt language

Birth certificate, Udmurt language
Birth certificate, Udmurt language

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Form of the Birth certificate, type 1995-1998:

In form of blue book on thick paper. The size of certificate is ≈ 12,4 cm x 19,7 cm, with the watermark in form of interwoven strips. On the front page is the the title of the document, all inscriptions are made in Russian and Udmurt languages. The left side in the certificate, the coat of arms of the Republic of Udmurtia and the text in the Udmurt language, the right side, the coat of arms of the Russian Federation and the text in Russian language. The Birth certificate contains information about child's name, birth date, birth place, parents' names, their nationalities and a place of birth registration. In the bottom of the certificate are specified: National language, Goznak (State Insignia) and the year of issue.